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Who we are

HedZen is a small London-based company, teaching mindfulness and meditation from the ancient Rinzai Zen tradition. The Zen tradition of meditation dates back many centuries, and its benefits are gaining more and more scientific validation in ongoing research. Our primary aim is to share the invaluable age-old wisdom and practical experience of Zen, in order to bring clarity, balance, awareness (and so much more) to those who seek it.

What we do

HedZen offer a variety of ways to learn about Zen and experience the countless benefits that the practice brings- these include free introductory sessions, free weekly group drop-ins, private coaching, meditation workshops, mindfulness and meditation courses, skype sessions and more. Our HedZen groups meet every day at various locations across West London.

Our sangha

Gareth Jiken Lovell, the mindfulness and meditation coach at HedZen, trained as part of the Zenways teacher training program, led by Julian Daizan Skinner. Julian Daizan Skinner was the first Englishman to go to Japan and become a Roshi or Zen master in the rigorous Rinzai tradition of Zen. Daizan Roshi is the creator and founder of the Zenways Sangha- recognised by the College of Mindful Clinicians for its role in developing and delivering meditation programmes and retreats and providing certification and supervision to its teachers.







Reasons To Try HedZen

Something For Everyone

People join HedZen for a whole range of different reasons- to improve wellbeing, physical health, spiritual insight, work performance and much more.

Unlimited drop-in sessions

We offer unlimited free drop-in sessions, where you can practise within a community of like-minded people.

Straightforward Teaching

Zen is so simple, that it is actually rather difficult! Instead focusing on theories, ideas, religion and so on, Zen is all about practical experience.

Small and friendly company

HedZen is a small and local mindfulness and meditation company, focused purely on sharing the huge benefits of Zen meditation to those who would like to learn. Having experienced the many benefits themselves after years of practice, our staff are committed to sharing this with others.

Flexible options available

HedZen offers a variety of opportunities to learn and practice Zen mindfulness and meditation. See our timetable for upcoming sessions.

Highly Practical

At HedZen, the main focus is on experience rather than being heavily focused on philosophy. This makes Zen a very direct, efficient and down-to-earth meditation approach, which cuts a lot of the unnecessary waffle.Highly